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    Choir Practice Update

    donderdag 3 december 2020
    Behind the scenes we are working on a new version of Choir Practice.It will be an instrument...

    Bogoroditse Devo studeren

    maandag 17 oktober 2016
    De app is nu ongeveer een week te downloaden en de gebruikers blijven toestromen. Vanavond is er...

    Choir Practice officially released today!

    woensdag 5 oktober 2016
    Today we officially released Choir Practice. As of now we will release new songs every week. Please...
  • Choir Practice Update

    donderdag 3 december 2020
    Behind the scenes we are working on a new version of Choir Practice.
    It will be an instrument for choirs to use as a membership administration, calendar, news, announcements, repertoire-database.
    Of course with our beautiful Interactive Player.

    But there is more...

    You can create your own songs with the Interactive Player. This will be possible on a few levels:
    Pdf-file with Audio tracks (the way the current version works)
    But you could also upload an mxml (MusicXML) file, as can be exported from all popular Music Score Software packages.
    With mxml we get a few more possibilities:
    We could couple Audio tracks that you upload, but if there are no recordings available, we can play it as MIDI, still with the option to highlight the selected part.
    We can show a yellow marker on the selected part, so it will be easier to follow your current line.
    You can click on any measure to start from there.

  • Songs

    Jesus bleibet meine Freude

    By: J.S. Bach
    Genre: Classical
    Duration: 2:58
    Jesus bleibet meine Freude is one of the better known works of Johann Sebastian Bach with the general public. In English it is commonly sung as Jesu...

    God so loved the world

    By: John Stainer
    Genre: Classical
    Duration: 2:55
    John Stainer's God so loved the world is taken from his passion The Crucifixion. The Crucifixion was written for a small Parish church with an...

    Locus Iste

    By: A. Bruckner
    Genre: Classical
    Duration: 2:27
    Geen omschrijving beschikbaar.

    The long day closes

    By: A. Sullivan
    Genre: Classical
    Duration: 3:15
    The long day closes is a part song, composed by Arthur Sullivan, published in 1868. The text is by Henry Fothergill Chorley. The...

    Bogoroditse Devo

    By: S. Rachmaninov
    Genre: Classical
    Duration: 2:15
    Bogoroditse Devo is the 6th movement from All-Night Vigil by Sergei Rachmaninov. All-Night Vigil has been praised as ...